Las Vegas, NV – Today Intel announced the Intel World Open, a ground-breaking Olympic sports tournament to lead into EVO 2020. The event will be broadcast around world and feature tournaments for various sports like field hockey and archery. The goal is to bridge the gap between Olympic sports and more widely respected games like Street Fighter V.

“Finally field hockey players can get the recognition we deserve,” said professional hockey player and Olympian Eugene Adkins. “I’m excited to not only show the world that sports are legitimate, but also to show my passion for hockey at a prestigious eSports event like EVO. I can’t wait.”

“Sports are eSports too”, said avid fan and aspiring athlete Miles Gregory. “I’m really happy for Olympic sports to finally be validated through being featured at some tangentially related event. Now my dad can finally stop telling me to quit archery and focus on Fortnite instead.”

The Intel World Open boasts an impressive five hundred thousand dollar prize pool, as well as a completely open format through world-wide qualifiers. Those who qualify will represent their country a few days before EVO, in the parking lot across the street where the Intel World Open will be held.

The Intel World Open marks a monumental step forward, as just years ago many prominent figures in the fighting game community said that violent sports had no place at an eSports event. But luckily Intel has worked hard to dispel these myths and bring our various communities together. We just hope that one day these Olympian athletes will receive the same amount of recognition and Twitch bits as our Street Fighter V champions.