Capcom Didn’t Announce Marvel Vs. Capcom 4 at TGS but They Also Didn’t Say They Aren’t Working on it

TOKYO – This past weekend during Tokyo Game Show’s online conference, Capcom made several exciting announcements for upcoming games like Resident Evil Village and Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition. And while they did not announce Marvel vs. Capcom 4, they also didn’t say they aren’t working on it.

This lack of a disconfirmation is exciting news for Marvel vs. Capcom fans everywhere. As we all know, if there wasn’t really a new sequel in the works, then they would surely come out and say it so that we don’t get our hopes up for no reason.

Details on Marvel vs. Capcom 4 are sparse for now, like its button layout, roster, or existence. Capcom was also particularly careful not to say that the new game has been in development for a while now or that it is planned for release on the next console generation.

During the panel Capcom was also suspiciously quiet about the roster. While not a single member of the roster has been announced, they were also very careful not to mention that characters like Magneto, Wolverine, and Dr. Doom wouldn’t be in the game on launch.

While we know very little currently, we look forward to the next event for more concrete details. So stay tuned for the latest on this potential title as we fully expect Capcom not to disconfirm the game in more upcoming conferences.