SF6 Prodigy Playing Like He’s Already Had 7 Months of Practice

San Francisco, CA – Despite only having a few days of time with the game, local teen Jeremy “Techthr0w” Mason is shredding through the Street Fighter 6 open beta like he’s been training for the past seven months.

Techthr0w’s uncanny comfort with the game’s roster, combos, and even the new drive system mechanics, makes it seem like he’s been practicing for quite some time now. His performance has left a trail of bewildered onlookers wondering if he’s some kind of time traveler.

“This kid’s pulling off moves like he’s been playing for seven months and two weeks,” said GillNyeTSG, a veteran player. “He’s consistently reacting to drive rushes, implementing optimal punishes consistently, and executing extensive combos using the new mechanics. He even knows how to anti-air.”

Others believe this meteoric rise can be partially attributed to the helpful tutorials and intuitive design of the upcoming game.

“Capcom really knocked it out of the park with this one,” said another new player, KenjaminFranklin99. “While I can’t deny his talent for the game, he’s also proof that you don’t need some be some sort of veteran player or influencer who was invited to early access events in order to see success.”

When asked how he quickly reached such a high skill level in Street Fighter 6, Techthr0w explained, “I’ve always been a quick learner, and I think that’s what allowed me to crack the code on what the game plays like at a high level. It just comes naturally to me.”

As the Street Fighter community awaits the latest game’s official release on June 2nd, there’s a sense of anticipation in the air. There’s no doubt that all eyes will be on Techthr0w who many believe will easily qualify for Capcom Cup once he finally gets some time to practice the game.