Dejected Man Just Wants to Play Newer Fighting Game Online

Tulsa, OK – Frustrated with the state of recent fighting games, fighting game enthusiast and dejected man Sergio Davis reportedly just wants to play a newer fighting game with an adequate online experience.

“I wanted to play some Guilty Gear Strive today, but the game seemed to have other plans,” reported Davis while experiencing crashes, slowdowns, disconnects, and a cumbersome platforming lobby system that nobody asked for. “So I figured I’d just have to play something else.”

“But then I loaded up King of Fighters XV to try out the latest DLC fighter,” said Davis, a long-time KOF fan, “I sat in matchmaking for 15 minutes until I was matched with an opponent on the opposite side of the globe. Normally, I’d just invite a friend to my lobby but that seems to be broken too. Hopefully they’ll fix that soon.

“I enjoy playing DNF Duel as well, but couldn’t find a match in that either for some reason,” added Davis, looking ready to give up on the whole endeavor. “I guess fighting games really are the hardest genre to play.”

At press time Davis was last seen reinstalling Fightcade.