Man Glad He Only Bought Physical Copies of Stadia Games

St. Paul, MN – In the wake of the recent news that Google Stadia is shutting down, local man Joel Holden is glad that he only bought physical copies of games on the platform.

“I mean, I’m really bummed out about the whole thing, but at least I still have my games,” said Holden. “If I had instead gone with a Pro subscription or bought digital versions that can only be played via streaming, then I would have lost everything.”

Many gamers were blind-sighted by the news, expecting to stream digital versions of games like Samurai Shodown or Mortal Kombat 11 on Stadia for many more years to come.

“No one could have seen this coming,” said Holden. “I’m lucky I made the right choice, but I feel bad for all those people who primarily used Stadia as a game streaming platform.”

While Google announced they will luckily issue refunds on Stadia purchases, most of their users will soon be left without access to some of their favorite titles. For many, this serves as a bleak reminder about the risk of games as a service and that no gaming platform, even the Stadia, is too big to fail.

Photo Credit: Korie Cull