Disaster Strikes After Local Man Cites Eventhubs Tier List

Denver, CO – Earlier today many local fighting game players were left in shock and distress when the unthinkable happened at their weekly meetup. During a heated argument local player Thomas Davin, also known in the community as DavinBlade, cited the Eventhubs tier list to the horror of everyone in attendance. Three were hospitalized, with one still in critical condition.

“Look, I’m telling you guys that Nightmare is absolutely broken in Soul Calibur VI. I don’t know how this is even up for debate when he’s clearly number one on the Eventhubs official tier list,” said Davin earlier today. He then began to pull up the tier list on his phone as many evacuated the venue.

“You hear about these things online, but you never think it could happen at your local event,” said Karl Winton, who witnessed the appalling act of ignorance. “We’ve made so much progress as a scene, but apparently we still have a lot of work to do.”

“It’s just baffling how someone could reference that list knowing that the tiers are voted on by the Eventhubs community,” said another local player, Steve Garza. “Have you read the comments on that site? Those are the people making those lists. You could put the characters in random order and it would be more accurate.”

“I still can’t believe he really said ‘Eventhubs official tier list’ as if that means anything,” Garza continued. “And you know he voted on that thing before citing it too. Holy shit, I can’t stand that guy.”

Shortly after the event Davin issued an apology, “I’d like to say sorry to everyone who was in attendance today. I realized too late that it is never acceptable to cite an Eventhubs tier list. Hopefully someone can learn from this and not make the same mistake that I did.”

Despite the apology, Davin has been issued a 6 month ban from the local gatherings. He’s looking to use this time away to focus on self improvement. When he returns to the scene, he’s planning to be ready to cite more reputable sources like GameFAQs.