WiFi Player Wonders Why Everyone Else’s Connection is so Bad

Kansas City, MO – Online gaming is bigger than ever, but getting low latency matches can often be a challenge. That’s why local WiFi player Leo Jennings is trying to figure out why everyone besides him has a terrible internet connection for online fighting games.

“It’s really frustrating that so few people will do what’s necessary to get an acceptable online connection,” said Jennings, who plays on his neighbor’s WiFi connection exclusively. “Just look for your rich neighbor’s WiFi channel, put their dog’s name as the password and boom, high speed internet. It’s that easy.”

“But no, everyone except me is playing on some Fisher Price connection and making our games together terrible,” explained Jennings, who refuses to play on a wired connection. “It doesn’t matter if I’m playing Tekken 7, Dragon Ball FighterZ, or Ultra Fight Da ! Kyanta 2, every single person I come across online somehow has an awful connection.”

“Then these people tell me to get an Ethernet cord as if I’m the problem,” added Jennings, who streams all of his matches on Twitch. “Clearly those Ethernet cords aren’t helping them since their connections all suck when we play.”

“I just wish everyone else would fix their terrible internet so we could finally get some good games in,” said Jennings as he frantically hit the rematch button after a 2 bar match. “Some people just have to go and ruin it for everyone.”