Top Player Wondering if it’s Too Late for Emergency Registration

Schaumburg, IL – Despite the completion of the Combo Breaker 2022 tournament this past weekend, top player Nathan Styles came to the venue today to see if it was still possible to register for the event.

“Where is everybody?” asked Styles while outside of the convention center. “Sign ups should be around here somewhere. Hopefully I can find one of the organizers so I can get in on this Marvel vs Capcom 3 action.”

“Maybe they can let me take the spot of someone who didn’t show up,” added Styles whose livelihood depends on tournament winnings. “I’ve done so much for the scene so surely I can get a spot in this tournament somehow. After all I can’t afford to let my sponsor down.”

At press time Styles was not able to sign up for the event. However, he did confirm that he will definitely be at CEO and EVO but has not yet registered.

Photo credit: ELLA DON