Opinion: I’m Freaking Mad As Heck About no Melee at EVO

Earlier today the EVO 2020 game lineup was announced, and once again Super Smash Bros Melee is not a part of it. I think I speak for the whole community when I say this is a bunch of freaking baloney.

Sorry if I’m a little ticked off, but this is some serious bull spit. Melee is the most skillful fighting game on the gosh-darn planet. It has the most actions per minute, the highest amount of advanced tactics, and obviously deserves to be a main game every year. Seriously, what the frog were they thinking?

It should be apparent that everyone wants Melee at EVO. The EVO staff couldn’t have missed me writing, “Melee, MELEEEEEE” in the Twitch chat 5000 times today, as well as in every Nintendo Direct. Despite this, they still decided to go against what the people clearly want like a bunch of big dumb idiot-heads.

To rub salt in the wounds even more, they’ve put these totally random games in Melee’s spot instead. There’s some stupid samurai game nobody has every heard of, and some obscure weeb fighter called, “Under Night.” They’re even bringing back Marvel 2, which is just full of glitches and plays nothing like how it was supposed to. Where do they find these cruddy games, and why the heck do they have to troll us like this again?

Eventually the EVO staff will realize what a terrible mistake they’ve made. EVO just isn’t the same without Melee to bring the freaking hype matches. They’re hurting their own tournament just to spite us like a bunch of meanies. If we’re going to be treated like this, then I’m not going this year unless we get an apology. It’s pretty clear to everyone that those guys are acting pretty childish right now.