Badass Custom Character Has Black Outfit, Flame Decals

Online – Soul Calibur VI is known for its robust character creation mode, but unfortunately online matches are often filled with uninspired creations that look just like everyone else’s. Luckily, there’s a new custom character around that many awestruck sources have confirmed to be really unique and totally fucking badass.

“Woah, that’s sick as hell,” said new player Luke Zamora, seeing the impressive new custom character for the first time. “The all black outfit, the sinister red glowing eyes, and the large flame decal on his coat all come together to make a character that’s really fucking awesome. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.”

The ground breaking new character is simply named “Retribution” and was created by Dave “Havoc666edgE” Morales, a veteran Soul Calibur player and flat earther.

“I wanted to create something different,” explained Morales about the origin of his wicked cool creation. “I was tired of seeing the same cringey custom characters online over and over. That’s when I decided to change things up by creating a sinister swordsman with a dark past, a fiery trench coat, and a warped demonic voice. I even wrote a sick backstory about how he picked up the blade in order to get revenge for his fallen siblings.”

The totally badass character has been earning Morales lots of praise after online ranked games.

“Usually I can’t stand playing against custom characters, as most of them look super lame and fall out of my combos for no reason,” explained online player Haley Doyle. “But when you play against a character that is this fucking epic, you can’t help but be impressed. I mean damn, that’s some cool shit.”

At press time Morales was already drafting his next project: a custom character based on his favorite anime antihero.