Opponent Selects Rematch After Laggiest Online Match of All Time

ONLINE – Following the laggiest online match of DragonBall FighterZ of all time, local man Ivan Lucero’s opponent with the online alias of “TimbZGohan” still opted to immediately press the rematch button according to those familiar with the situation.

“Are you serious?” asked Lucero about his opponent who was seemingly unbothered by unparalleled online delay. “Why would anyone even try to play games with a connection like that? Win or lose, it’s not fun for anyone.”

“What’s even worse is how comfortable they seemed playing through that too,” continued Lucero about his opponent who had over 1000 ranked wins. “What kind of deranged individual would hit rematch as if that unplayable mess was normal? Please tell me that was an accident.”

Following the match, Lucero instead opted to select exit to end the set early so he could then search for a new opponent. Luckily for him, it didn’t take long to find a new DragonBall FighterZ match with a more standard 8 frames of delay.

At press time Lucero received a private message from TimbZGohan that read, “Rematch me you bitch.”