FGC Villain Also Terrible Person in Real Life

San Francisco, CA – Earlier today notorious fighting game community villain Randy Harmon was revealed to be a terrible person in real life as well, multiple fed-up sources confirmed for the hundredth time.

“I’ve always wondered how Randy was so effective at playing the villain role,” admitted local player Jonah Barrett. “But lately I’ve realized that his dastardly antics, provocative personality, and ability to act needlessly confrontational over a video game might not have been acting. Now that I think of it, he still owe me $50 too.”

Over the years, the fighting game community has grown increasingly tired of competitors trying to play the role of a Heel or Villain. Many argue that it’s not only an obvious attempt to avoid accountability for things they would have done anyways, but also that it’s really corny too.

Despite the criticism, Harmon doesn’t see anything wrong with his conduct and defended himself in a statement earlier.

“Somebody has to bring the hype,” explained Harmon, whose villain persona was revealed to be his normal self. “If I don’t keep it real and give the stream monsters what they want, then who will? I know some people don’t like what I do, so I’m sorry if you were too dumb to get it. But really I think that everyone needs to stop being so soft, and if that upsets you then just go ahead and try to ban me.”

At press time Harmon was clarifying that his dare to ban him was actually just another one of his jokes.

Photo credit: Jonas Kakaroto