Man Still Haunted by Dropped Combo From 8 Years Ago

Houston, TX – In another attempt to have a normal care-free day, local man Cole “ArmorPierceR” Walters instead continued to be haunted by the memory of dropping a crucial combo 8 years ago.

“There I was in the qualifying match for top 8 at Battle On The Beach 3,” recalled Walters while regretfully looking into the distance. “Before I knew it, the set was tied up and going into the final game. After an intense back and forth, I landed the hit on my opponent’s final character. Then I proceeded to go into the my standard combo that I never ever mess up, and that’s when it all went wrong.”

“The winner of the match would return to play in the top 8 on Sunday, and the loser would be eliminated from the tournament,” explained Walters, who is still consistently distraught over the event. “All I had to do was not mess up the game-winning combo, but apparently that was too much to ask. I dropped the combo and my opponent instantly came back on me to win the set. Looking back, I could have just went straight into super instead of doing the full combo too. Damn it.”

“Not a day goes by where I don’t still hear the roar of the crowd in shock and surprise at my catastrophic mistake,” recounted Walters, who remembers the incident every time he tries to fall asleep. “I could have had the glory of making top 8 at a major and also placed in the money, winning at least $17. But I try my best not to think too much about what could have been, because all I can really do now is just practice harder and try again next time.”

At press time Walters reassured his partner once again that everything is fine.

Photo Credit: Mike Greer