Marvel Players Discover Blocking

Pensacola, FL – A ground-breaking discovery was recently made in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Long-time marvel player ContinuerOfConflict released a video a few days ago detailing the new tech. It turns out that If you hold the back direction while an attack connects with your fighter, you’ll be able to “block” the attack greatly reducing its damage and followup potential. The full impact of this tech is yet to be seen.

“This changes everything,” said local player Switchup. “It’s amazing that even 8 years after launch people are still finding new tech that drastically changes how we can play the game. It really goes to show how deep the Marvel vs Capcom games can be.”

Meanwhile some players aren’t sold on the new blocking technique. “Once again people are over-hyping every little new discovery,” said another local player known as NovaMasher420. “It looks neat in training mode, but we need to look at its use in a real match. Sure you’re able to stop an attack but you still take a small percentage of the damage. Meanwhile blocking has no hitbox and deals no damage to your opponent, all while still being vulnerable to grabs. Sounds pretty useless when you could be pressing forward and heavy.”

Despite some disagreements, it’s nice to see Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 continuing to evolve. Earlier this year we saw several new infinite combos discovered and once again players have pushed the game even further. We’re looking forward to what new discoveries will be uncovered in the future. Hopefully Capcom will notice the passionate scene still playing Marvel 3 and finally decide to release a sequel.