Devs Confirm Best Way to Get Character Added to Game is to Constantly Tag Them on Twitter

JAPAN – In an effort to clear up confusion with their DLC process, several Bandai Namco employees spoke out today to clarify that the best way to get your favorite characters added to their games is to constantly tag their developers, designers, and community managers on Twitter with your requests.

“We’d like to remind our fans to make your voices heard,” said Matthew Blurry, a community manager at Bandai Namco. “How else will we know which characters to add to our games? So feel free to find any of us on Twitter and tag us several times a day about any request you have. We’re always listening.”

“If I don’t wake up every day to 40+ notifications from fans asking where the hell Setsuka is, then why even include her in the game?” explained Ken Hara, a lead designer for Soul Calibur VI. “If fans don’t want her enough to let us know on a daily basis then we’ll just go back to working on Alpha Patroklos instead.”

“It’s a really common misconception that we plan whole seasons of DLC ahead of time,” continued Hara. “When really we just take things one day at a time based on feedback from our most passionate fans. This is the approach for all of our games. In fact, this is basically the industry standard.”

“Lately, character requests on social media have been at an all-time low,” said Blurry in his closing remarks. “So once again we’d like to remind fans that the best way to get your favorite characters added to our games is to constantly speak up and always ask us for shit.”