Disappointing New DBFZ Character Sadly Isn’t Another Goku

PARIS – Following the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour finals, it was announced that Kefla would be joining the roster as the first DLC character in season 3. While the new fighter boasts impressive supers and flashy special moves, many fans were left confused by the addition of yet another new character that isn’t a form of Goku.

“I’m disappointed but not surprised,” said Eric Daniels, who watched the reveal live at the world finals. “We’ve already got tons of characters that aren’t Goku, and now they’re going to add even more. I just don’t understand why they keep adding these repetitive original characters to the game.”

Currently Dragon Ball FighterZ only has five playable Gokus, a few half Gokus, and one Goku’s dad. Meanwhile, the game contains an overwhelming 30+ characters that aren’t Goku at all. It’s no surprise that the abundance of non-Goku characters has become a recurring controversy within the community.

“Why don’t they just listen to the fans?” asked Wendy Charles. “It’s really confusing to see an addition like Kefla when there are so many Gokus still missing from the roster. Surely the developers should know how much demand there is for fan favorites like SSG Goku, Goku in a car, and winter jacket Goku.”

The shocking news of another non-Goku DLC character comes after a tournament featuring all 8 players in the finals using at least one Goku on their respective teams. Despite only representing a small portion of the roster, Goku characters remain incredibly popular among players. The best example of that is the prevalence of GT Goku, a season 2 DLC character who has had an incredibly positive reception since his release.

Luckily it has already been confirmed that the second character in season 3 will be Ultra Instinct Goku, but many fans are still worried that this could possibly be the only new Goku added in season 3. Only time will tell, but players at the event remained concerned that the remaining DLC spots might unfortunately be wasted on even more unique characters.