Top Player Reveals Fundamentals Are An Elaborate Hoax

Atlanta, GA – In a groundbreaking expose, competitive player and self-proclaimed “master” of fighting games, Trevor “Big T” Johnson, has revealed that the so-called “fundamentals” of the genre are nothing more than an elaborate hoax.

For years, players have been told that the key to success in fighting games is to master the fundamentals. But according to Johnson, the idea of fundamentals is nothing more than a smokescreen designed to keep casual players from understanding the true nature of the genre.

“The truth is, there are no fundamental principles in fighting games,” said Johnson in a recent interview. “The so-called ‘fundamentals’ are nothing more than a collection of random techniques that have been cobbled together by a small group of elite players.”

Johnson goes on to say that the only way to truly become a master of fighting games is to “ignore the fundamentals entirely.”

“The only way to consistently win is to exploit the game’s mechanics to the fullest extent possible,” said Johnson. “And that’s something that only the top players know how to do.”

So the next time you’re struggling to win a match, remember: the fundamentals are a sham. The only way to win is to play like a dirty, filthy cheater.