Twitch Finally Cracks Down on Video Game Streaming

San Francisco, CA – Recently popular streaming service Twitch announced new steps they’re taking in order to finally crack down on the rampant amount of video game streaming on their platform.

“Creators, we hear you,” read the official Twitch blog post. “We know it’s been a tough time lately, so we’ve decided to improve the platform with our new takedown system to remove prohibited gaming content. Soon we’ll all be able to get back to enjoying what Twitch is really about.”

According to the post, the robust takedown system can detect all forms of gaming from battle royales to obscure genres like fighting games. The system is so thorough that it can detect and issue strikes for old archived replays, even if they have been deleted.

“If you absolutely must play a game while streaming on Twitch, then we just ask that you blur out the gameplay and mute the sound completely,” warned the blog post. “But really, the best solution is to simply stop streaming games on Twitch.”

At press time Twitch representatives reassured creators that even more improvements like these are on the way.