Youtuber Pre-Orders KOFXV Hoping to Make Money Back on Combo Trial Videos

Las Vegas, NV – In preparation for next week’s release of The King of Fighters XV, local man Joshua “JB Playz” Banes has pre-ordered the deluxe edition of the game hoping to make his money back and then some by creating combo trial videos on Youtube.

“KOF is all about the combo trials,” said Banes, whose only experience with the series is The King of Fighters XIII. “Everyone loves KOF trial videos. So I know that this new game is a great opportunity to take my channel to the next level and give the people exactly what they want.”

“Making KOFXIII trial videos was a big part of getting my channel off the ground,” explained Banes about his early days on Youtube. “At the time the game was already several years old and those videos still performed unbelievably. That’s why buying KOFXV is surely one of the best investments I’ll ever make as these types of videos should only get more popular with the latest installment.”

“So be on the look out for my crazy new trial videos starting next week,” concluded Banes. “You won’t want to miss it. Also, if you don’t mind, be sure to click a few ads while you’re there. It really helps the channel.”

When asked if he will produce content focused on the core versus mode or any other aspects of the game, Banes assured us that he plans cover the game more comprehensively in future videos by reacting to other people’s tier lists.