Opinion: I Teched That

Yo what the hell just happened? You saw when you just grabbed me right there? I definitely teched that.

It’s not like I don’t know how to play this game. I know how to press the correct input to break a throw during the appropriate window. And I did.

My controller has to be messed up or something. It always does this right before I get grabbed, and so does every other controller. Can we check buttons again? Yeah that looks right, so I clearly teched that.

Maybe it’s this laggy console. Back in the day we played on arcade machines and didn’t have this problem. Even now, there’s better systems. I swear, why do we even play on this when it doesn’t ever let us tech?

Or it could be this buggy game. There’s got to be a glitch with teching throws. It’s so weird that I’m the only one talking about this because I teched that for sure, but the game and its developers are out to get me as usual.

It’s gotta be the monitor. Is that a tournament standard monitor? It is? Well is it set to tournament standard brightness, contrast, and hue? If it was then that throw wouldn’t have worked because I teched that.

I’ve been playing these games for years so you know I’m not some amateur that’s just mashing buttons and making up crazy excuses. There’s no doubt in my mind that I teched that throw.

Don’t give me that look. Come on, what’s more likely to be the problem here: the game, the controller, the system, the monitor, or me?