Is the New DLC Character Broken or is This an Easy Way to Get Clicks?

Holy shit you guys this new character might be a problem. Gogeta is looking like possibly the strongest character that Dragon Ball FighterZ has ever seen. Either he’s going to completely destroy the game or this is an incredibly easy and effective way to farm clicks.

Seriously, what were they thinking when they made this character?

Look at the range on his normal attacks. They’re completely insane. He has a level up system which eventually allows his level 3 to do 100% damage. He’s got two air dashes and even a command grab. To top it all off he has an invincible reversal that gives you a free Dragon Ball, similar to how posting this type of cheap, frivolous content gives us free views.

Think about how busted Ultra Instinct Goku and GT Goku were. Gogeta seems like them but three times as cheap. He might be even more messed up than the game’s netcode. For real, did they even try to balance him?

There’s no doubt that this probably broken character will carry tons of players. It seems inevitable that he will give people insane results for little to no effort, similar to producing vapid but well-performing content like this.

Gogeta SSJ4 is currently set to release on March 12th. Only after his release will we know if he’s truly the game-breaking character that he seems to be or if this is just another cynical attempt to make low-effort but still wildly lucrative content.

To be fair, maybe it’s both.