Tournament Organizers Not Sure What to do With All This Extra Money

Las Vegas, NV – In a stunning turn of events, many fighting game tournament organizers are now struggling to figure out what to do with the staggering amount extra money they’ve been making lately.

“We used to just scrape by, barely able to pay our staff and rent equipment,” said one organizer, who wished to remain anonymous. “But now, thanks to the popularity of fighting games and the low cost of renting convention centers, we’re raking in more cash than we know what to do with.”

Some organizers have been using their extra cash to buy high-end jewelry and designer clothing, while others have been investing in new houses, cars, and boats.

“I never thought I’d be able to afford my own home,” said another TO. “But thanks to the incredibly lucrative endeavor that is organizing fighting game events, I recently finished paying off a 4 bedroom house.”

Whether it’s hosting small weekly events, or large international tournaments, one thing is clear: running a fighting game tournament is now one of the most profitable businesses around. And with the growing popularity of the genre, it doesn’t seem like this trend is going to slow down anytime soon.

“We’re finally starting to see the fruits of our labor,” said another organizer. “And it tastes sweet.”

Photo Credit: John Guccione