Local Man Still Trying to Complete King Of Fighters XIII Trials

Billings, MT – As many players eagerly await more details on the upcoming title The King of Fighters XV, local man Carson Hodge is still hard at work trying to complete the combo trials in 2011’s The King of Fighters XIII.

“Damn, almost had it,” said Hodge while attempting Terry Bogard’s trial 8 for the thousandth time. “I’m definitely starting to get the hang of it. I should be able to get this one done by the end of the month if I keep at it.”

The King of Fighters XIII is notorious for it’s extremely difficult combo trials. Having 10 trials per character, many players are lucky to complete the first two or three. Others welcome the challenge, like Hodge who is aiming to complete them all by the year 2025.

“Lately I’ve made some great progress,” explained Hodge while attempting another trial with 5 full rows of inputs. “I’ve completed the trials for more than 70% of the roster at this point. Now all that’s left is just a handful of characters like K’, Leona, and Ash. And how hard could those be?”

At press time Hodge made a huge break through by almost making it halfway through Mr. Karate’s trial 8.