New Tournament Organizer Pretty Sure Everything Will go According to Plan

Portland, OR – Days before for his team’s first big regional fighting game tournament, local tournament organizer Jesse Kirk feels pretty confident that everything will go according to plan.

“We’ve spent a lot of time preparing for Quarter Circle Conflict,” said Kirk about the first installment of his new regional tournament. “We’re ready to take our events to the next level with this one, and I’m confident we’ve done everything we can to make this tournament go as smoothly as possible.”

“Currently we have over 100 entrants signed up for the event online,” announced Kirk. “And when registering, players have to agree to several disclaimers so we know they are aware of information like the venue rules, disqualification protocols, the no refund policy, or that players need to bring their own controllers.”

“We’ve also made it perfectly clear on our Facebook page that there will be no on-site registration,” quickly added Kirk.

“All 5 of our PlayStation 4 consoles are ready to be used as setups this weekend,” explained Kirk, about his team’s equipment. “We’ve also talked to numerous local players who can bring their PS4s as well, which is great because dedicated community members are sure to have all the latest patches and DLC for their games.”

“Yesterday I called the bowling alley again to confirm that their party room has more than enough chairs, tables, and power strips for our event,” said Kirk who has not yet been to the venue, “We’ve also got the stream rig ready to go, and we’ll have no problem finding commentators on the day of the event.”

“Our schedule is ready and we plan to stick to it,” said Kirk who is prepared to run his event exactly on time. “Luckily the players will know when their matches start since it says it right there on We’ve got more than enough bracket runners too, and the venue is even ready to provide WiFi so they can update the brackets right on their phones.”

“So come on down if you’re in the area, because you won’t want to miss this,” concluded Kirk about his exciting new tournament. “We’ve been working on this for a while now, so we’re confident that everything is accounted for. After all, with all of this preparation, what could possibly go wrong?”

Quarter Circle Conflict will happen this upcoming Saturday, and is set to finish just before the venue is forced to close at midnight.

Photo Credit: Karolina Grabowska