SonicFox Still Wins Cancelled EVO Online

Las Vegas, NV – Recognizing another impressive display of fighting game prowess, EVO officials announced today that despite the 2020 tournament being cancelled entirely, Dominique “SonicFox” McLean has still won an EVO championship this year.

“SonicFox has done it again,” announced Todd Cannon, the lesser known EVO administrator who specializes in online tournaments. “Even though we didn’t have any games, players, or tournaments this year, we looked at our data and determined that Sonicfox still earned first place in the cancelled EVO online event.”

“I know it might seem like it should be impossible to win a cancelled event that didn’t even happen,” acknowledged Cannon. “But at one point it also seemed impossible to make a living playing Mortal Kombat, earn the title of eSports player of the year by playing fighting games, or win a ‘first to 10’ exhibition match by a lead of 13 points.”

In previous years, SonicFox won a total of 5 EVO championships across several different games. This year they earn one more in another impressive run, not losing or playing a single game. SonicFox’s win just goes to show that in these tough times a true champion doesn’t need tournaments, games, or even other players in order to take home the gold.

Photo credit: Vincent Samaco