Fraudulent Player Carried by Intentional Game Mechanic

Memphis, TN – Today local Street Fighter V player Alvin Heath was identified as a fraudulent player after several sources came forward to confirm that he is completely carried by abusing intentional game mechanics like throws.

“Literally all he does is throw,” said Josh Franklin, who is fed up with running into Heath in online ranked matches. “Everyone knows he’s completely carried by throws and it’s clear that he can only beat me because of them.”

Others pointed out that this illegitimate playstyle of abusing fundamental game mechanics would have never been tolerated in previous titles.

“These newer players like Heath disgust me,” said Dominick Fields, who has been playing the Street Fighter series for over 20 years. “Back in the arcades, using throws to hit blocking opponents was just the kind of disgraceful move that could land you in some serious trouble in real life. That’s why these cowards only play online.”

Numerous sources also reported that Heath has been known to abuse other fundamental mechanics of the game, especially in situations where they tend to work. This is why many believe that Heath is carried as a player and would be completely helpless without abusing projectiles, anti-airs, jumps, overheads, lows, sweeps, and especially throws.

At press time Heath could not be reached for comment, but has shown no signs of stopping his fraudulent ways.