Opinion: It’s Sad to See People Resort to Playing Well Just to Win

Fighting games can be a blast, especially with the right people to play with. But sometimes you’re matched up with those players that are set on ruining everyone else’s fun. It’s really unsettling that these players will do anything for the win, even using desperate tactics like playing the game well.

We all know how these joyless try-hards play. Maybe you jump and they anti air you, or maybe you block and they throw you. Did you just whiff an attack? They’re going to punish you for that too. It’s complete bullshit and I don’t know how any self respecting player could resort to this cheap style of understanding the basics of the game.

I’m tired of people spamming the right decision over and over again. Doesn’t that pathetic approach to the game ever get old? A real player with honor would make some bad decisions every now and then, or just all the time like me.

Don’t even get me started on projectiles. Too many cowards out there will use these far range moves from the far ranges they’re effective at. Then when you finally get up close and in their face, you know these two-faced frauds are going to switch over to faster close range moves instead.

Sadly, I’ve been seeing more people resorting to degenerate game plans like learning to block. The thing is, you could go and win EVO with that scrubby approach of learning fighting game fundamentals, but you won’t have my respect until you learn to play with real skill.