Bethlehem – After a long period of silence on the matter, Jesus finally came forward to forgive the Fight of Gods developers for nerfing him. “They can take away my infinite combos, but they can’t take away my infinite love for the Fight of Gods development team,” said the son of God earlier today. “I forgive the team entirely. It’s only fair that the other fighters should have a chance to win too.”

Fight of Gods was originally released in 2017 as a Steam Early Access title. Recently the game left early access to launch the complete edition of the game, which many are refering to as “The New Testament”. Leading up to this, the game had changed substantially, including several nerfs to our lord and savior who was originally seen to be overpowered.

“Jesus was fucking broken,” said avid Fight of Gods player OdinMasta48. “He had so many tools. His normals were godlike, and he basically turned water into unblockable setups. Thank God he’s much more balanced in the latest version.”

“This isn’t the first time that people have tried to nerf me,” said the Lord Jesus Christ. “The thing is, I might lay low for a while, but I always bounce back. The nerfs were unsettling at first, but they won’t stop me from teaching the world about forgiveness, generosity, sick combos, and miraculous comebacks.”

“I think there’s someone in all of our lives that we could forgive,” said our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. “Maybe there’s someone you know who rage quits, uses a WiFi connection, or plays on pad. Who are we to pass judgement on them? Let he who is without sin throw the first fireball.”