Rumor: Divekick 2 Will Remove Knockdowns, Chip Damage

Online – Following many recent rumors, a new leak was posted earlier today on GameFaqs confirming that not only is Divekick 2 in development, but that it will also be a drastic reworking of the series, removing several staple fighting game mechanics like hard knockdowns, and chip damage when blocking.

The original Divekick launched in 2013 and was an unusual fighting game due to its unique two button control scheme and functional rollback netcode. While fans have been clamoring for a sequel, the latest leak contains many controversial details such as huge changes to the mechanics and the removal of characters like Redacted and Dr. Shoals due to licensing issues. In response, fans have taken to social media to express concerns over the removed game play mechanics.

“This isn’t Divekick,” wrote long-time fan KickFactor32. “Without hard knockdowns, a successful kick will no longer lead to a mix-up situation. If they’re going to take setups out of the game they might as well just make it first to 5 rounds and make the kicks do a billion damage.”

“I also don’t agree with the removal of chip damage while blocking,” added KickFactor32. “I know a lot of games lately are going down this route, but you could already avoid chip by playing a character like S-Kill and using his parry. It’s a pretty unnecessary change that only serves to weaken the zoning characters even more.”

Other fans raised similar concerns that if the rumors are true, the game could end up becoming too easy to play.

“I can’t stand this trend of oversimplifying fighting games,” posted another fan, dive_spammer93. “First they’ll get rid of knockdowns and chip damage, but where does it end? Next they’ll probably get rid of throwing and command inputs too. Then what will be left? The entire game will just be based around diving and kicking and it’ll become completely unrecognizable.”

While many players are still unsure about how the game could work without classic fighting game elements like chip damage or hard knockdowns, many remain optimistic that the series could work just as well, if not better, without these mechanics. Nevertheless, it seems clear that Divekick 2 will strive to be an enjoyable game for all types of players.