Guilty Gear Strive Delayed After Devs Remember They Have to Make Character From Debut Trailer

JAPAN – Recently it was announced that Guilty Gear Strive would be delayed to an early 2021 release. The delay aims to allow the team to deliver a complete product and is mostly due to development setbacks like completely forgetting about the anonymous character shown off in the game’s debut trailer.

“I knew we were forgetting something,” explained series producer Takeshi Yamanaka. “Something felt strange when we decided to overhaul the game’s netcode and we were still on track for the original release date. Then I realized, oh shit, we still have to make that guy from the first trailer. We don’t even have a name for him yet.”

“We’ve now realized that many fans have been speculating on the details of the unnamed fighter like his move set, play style, or backstory,” revealed Yamanaka. “To be honest we don’t even know these things yet. So if you have any good suggestions, be sure to send them in.”

While some fans are disappointed by the delay based release date, many are optimistic that it will improve the end product. Regardless, the team is confident that no further delays will be needed since they only received positive feedback from the recent beta, and as a result there is nothing else that needs to be reworked.