Local Man Tags Everyone

Arlington, TX – Earlier today local player Tom Ramirez posted a short Street Fighter V video to his Twitter account. “Check out this new corner combo! #SFV #Urien #TheGrindNeverStops,” read the title of the 10 second video Tweet. In an effort to promote his content, Ramirez then proceeded to tag everyone that came to mind in a long string of replies.

“@CapcomFighters @maximillian_ @StreetFighter @IFCYipeS @BernieSanders @pizzahut,” began the first of several responses by Ramirez to his own tweet, all filled entirely by tagging just about every person, sponsor, and brand that he could think of.

“I’ve got to get the word out,” explained Ramirez. “If I don’t notify a few hundred people, by tagging them individually in a long chain of replies, then how else will my good friends over at Pop-Tarts see this hype new video?”

“It would be nice if he would stop tagging me in every little thing,” admitted Kailee Lin, a close friend of Ramirez’s. “He means well but sometimes getting tagged five times a day is a little much. I just don’t need to be explicitly notified every time he posts a short combo video, anime tier list, or picture of his DXRacer gaming chair.”

While some may find Ramirez’s strategy of tagging several hundred people every time he Tweets to be a bit excessive, others have found it to be a great solution.

“It’s always a treat to get notified about what Tom’s up to. Whether he’s posting about Street Fighter V going on sale again, what he had for lunch, or another one of his classic unedited 4 hour long video tutorials, his content is always something I look forward to,” added an anonymous fan. “I just wish there was a way to like, ‘follow’ someone, so that way I could receive Tweets in my feed automatically. Maybe someday @Twitter will get their act together and make it happen.”