Man Who Retired From Scene Already Back Again

Birmingham, AL – Despite loudly and officially retiring from the fighting game community early last month, local man Brock “PressForward” Copeland has already returned according to several local players.

“I’ll never forget my time here with the Birmingham scene,” read a long Facebook post by Copeland roughly one month ago commemorating his time spent in the community, the people he met, and the memories he cherished. “It’s been a wild ride that I’ll never forget but now it’s time for me to move onto bigger and better things.”

Despite returning to the scene shortly after announcing his latest retirement, many members of the community are not surprised.

“I knew he’d be back,” said Amirah Kane, a regular at local events. “Sure he gets frustrated and ‘retires’ every now and then but we always know he’ll be back. After all, this is his only hobby and circle of friends so what else is he really going to do?”

Copeland retired once before in 2017 and again in 2018, making this his third and shortest retirement yet. Still, many members of the scene are just happy to see their old friend again. Now that Copeland has returned he’s looking forward to getting back to competing, hanging out with the community, and of course planning many more retirements for the future.

At press time Copeland began to wonder what happened to his old rival Arnav “Unblock4bl3” Waller who hasn’t been seen since he took a short break 3 years ago.