Sponsorship Includes Free T-Shirt, and That’s It

Los Angeles, CA – Today local up and coming player Anton “Elbo” Rhodes signed with Dropped Combo Esports. The exciting new sponsorship deal includes one free t-shirt, and that’s it.

“I’m proud to announce that I’m now sponsored by Dropped Combo Esports,” revealed Rhodes earlier today. “I’m finally a professional gamer, and I’ve got the shirt to prove it.”

The sponsorship looks to be a huge opportunity for Rhodes to take his game to the next level. Soon you’ll be seeing him at the same amount of events per year with his brand new Dropped Combo Esports shirt that he’ll be wearing all weekend.

Rhodes made a name for himself with his impressive play in Tekken 7. Throughout the year he’s earned several top 8 placings, making him a prime candidate for sponsorship. As a result, he will now be representing the Dropped Combo Esports team whether he’s playing on stage at major tournaments or pretending to like G Fuel on Twitter.

Some members of the community are critical of the news, saying that a sponsorship should at least include paid trips to events, rather than just one free shirt. But in their defense, Dropped Combo Esports considers itself to be more of a development company than a traditional sponsor, which explains their approach. They also have plans for their players to earn an interesting new cryptocurrency in the future.

Ultimately, Anton Rhodes remains excited about the 3 year deal that will explicitly prevent him from getting a better sponsor. He’s optimistic that signing with Dropped Combo Esports will take him and his game to new heights. Looking forward, he hopes that this new sponsorship will eventually bring him enough exposure to successfully crowdfund his way to more tournaments.