Man Installs Octogate so People Stop Asking to Borrow Stick

Cleveland, OH – After years of others constantly asking to borrow his arcade stick at tournaments, local man George Chase has finally decided to put an end to these requests by installing an octogate in his stick.

“Enough is enough,” said Chase who recently purchased the unconventional piece of hardware. “Today I’m installing an octogate in my arcade stick because, let’s be real, nobody else in the world wants to play on that.”

The standard arcade stick lever uses a square gate, making it easier to hit diagonal inputs. The less popular octogate instead has 8 notches which are effective at being different and warding off players who can’t be bothered to bring their own arcade stick to fighting game events.

“All these years it’s been nothing but, ‘Bro can I use your stick?’ or, ‘Dude lemme use that for tournament,’ even though I always say no,” Chase continued. “Well now all these guys can finally stop pestering me and instead mash like their life depends on it on someone else’s stick.”

At press time Chase was beginning to have second thoughts as it began to sink in that he would actually have to play on octogate now.