Local Man Would do Anything to Become the Best, Besides Practice

San Diego, CA – With increasing interest in tournaments and competitive play, fighting games have become more than just a hobby for some fans. That’s why local player Rowan Burnett is attempting to become the best player in the world, and he’s going to do anything and everything, besides practicing, to make that happen.

“Fighting games are my life. I love everything about them from the awesome combos to the thrill of a close match. But now it’s time for me to take my game to the next level and I’m going to do whatever it takes to get there,” said Burnett who will be taking every step to improve besides opening up training mode.

“Becoming the best is all about having the right tools. So recently I’ve invested in a new arcade stick, a race car gaming chair, and many other things to help step my game up,” added Burnett, who is seemingly unaware that glow in the dark headphones won’t improve his lack of proper timing, spacing, or execution.

“Starting tomorrow I’ll be taking my stream to the next level,” announced Burnett earlier today. “I’m talking about all new overlays, custom emotes, and maybe even raffles.” Soon you’ll be able to watch him play the story, online lobbies, and anything besides training mode on his Twitch channel.

“I’m determined to be the best and it will happen as long as I want it the most,” commented Burnett who refuses to spend the smallest amount of time to practice the combos he always drops, learn the matchups he doesn’t understand, or to figure out more effective setups.

“I’ve already added a business inquiries email to my Twitter bio, so there’s no going back on this now”, said Burnett, “So remember to look for me on the big stage at EVO this year because I will become the best. I’m not going to be one of those losers who didn’t try hard enough, gave up on their dream, and ended up writing fighting game satire articles instead.”