Hitbox Arcade Unveils Revolutionary New All Button Keyboard

Las Vegas, NV – Today Hitbox Arcade announced its latest product, an innovative new keyboard called the Hitboard. Unlike traditional keyboards, the Hitboard features a unique all button layout.

Hitbox Arcade is known for their all button controllers and devices such as their namesake product, the Hitbox, a variation of the arcade stick that replaces the stick to create an ergonomic layout that consists of only buttons. But now they’ve taken on optimizing other devices like the keyboard with their distinct philosophy.

Unlike a standard keyboard, the Hitboard features a dedicated button for every single letter in the alphabet, various punctuation marks, and all single digit numbers. To pack in even more inputs, the Hitboard also features modifier keys to change other keys into capital letters, or completely different functions entirely.

“Typing will never be the same,” said Hitbox Justin, who designed the revolutionary new device. “The Hitboard can help anyone type faster or more precisely. In fact, it can even allow one to type sentences that were thought to be too impractical to type on traditional keyboards.”

The innovative new device is already generating a lot of hype across the nation.

“I can’t wait to steal this idea,” said washed up Smash player, Wax$. “It’s a really great concept and I can’t wait to sell my own knockoff version.”

However, some are concerned that the Hitboard could prove to be too effective.

“The Hitboard is clearly unfair,” said Mark Bradshaw, who types competitively. “This takes all the skill and nuance out of typing out difficult sentences. I just hope Daigo starts using this so it gets banned.”

The Hitboard is set to release later this year.