French-Bread Announces Melty Blood Home Arcade

JAPAN – Following the success of several stand-alone retro gaming systems, developer French-Bread announced today that they are releasing their own classic game system, the Melty Blood Home Arcade.

Like many other recent retro consoles, the new system is plug-and-play. All you need is a bathroom with a semi-working toilet to plug the system into and you’re ready for some authentic Melty Blood action.

The Melty Blood Home Arcade comes preloaded with every Melty Blood game ever made from the original Melty Blood all the way to Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code. As a bonus the collection also includes a few lesser known French-Bread games like Bike Banditz and Drill Milky Punch. The new system also comes with an AC adapter and a free roll of toilet paper.

French-Bread was also sure to use the classic top of the lid technology that long-time Melty Blood players are accustomed to playing on. That’s why they partnered with Dell to provide genuine Inspiron 600M hardware so players are comfortable executing the technical combos that the series is known for. The two player setup includes one keyboard for the players to share.

The Melty Blood Home Arcade internally runs a cracked version of Windows XP so that the games run in their native environment. This ensures the least amount of delay and the most consistent frame rate in order to create the best and most precise Melty Blood game play possible. The system even includes onboard WiFi so players can upload their high scores.

Melty Blood fans are sure to be excited about this incredible retro console. Currently the Melty Blood Home Arcade is set to come out later this year in Europe for a suggested retail price of €2.99. International versions are set to be announced at a later date.