Chris G Grilled Cheese Sold for Thousands

New York City – Earlier today the recently discovered Chris G grilled cheese sandwich was officially sold. After weeks of an intense bidding war, the sandwich bearing the likeness of fighting game player Chris G, has finally sold for a total of $8,950.

Earlier we met up with the seller, Matt Bryan, and some of his roommates to retell the story of discovering the coveted sandwich.

“It was just another ordinary day and I was cooking up a nice grilled cheese with fries for lunch,” explained Bryan. “But when I flipped the sandwich and looked down I noticed a striking resemblance to professional fighting game player Chris G. I knew something was up, so I immediately called in my roommates to check if I was buggin.”

“Deadass, that do look like Chris G,” exclaimed one of Bryan’s roommates.

“Facts,” said another roommate.

After confirming that the sandwich did in fact bear a stark resemblance to Chris G, Bryan decided to put it up for online auction. It didn’t take long for several bids to come in as many people believed this sandwich would grant good luck, or help its owner tech more throws.

One week later, an anonymous purchaser has won the bidding war and will soon receive the sandwich. When Bryan was asked what he plans to do with the money, he said he first plans to purchase a pair of vintage Afterglow elite headphones.