Ah Shit: Training Mode Full of New Year’s Resolutioners

Here we go again. Everyone, just like every year, has decided for their new year’s resolution to get back into practicing fighting games seriously. They’ve bought their season pass membership with the frame data display and will be clogging up training modes everywhere for the next month or so.

Damn it.

It’s the same thing every year. Tons of inexperienced players come out of the woodwork to screw up training mode for the rest of us. I’m talking about people remapping all the buttons, turning the network delay on, or messing with the UI settings. Some of these misguided people will even have the health bars turned off.

Don’t even get me started on how jam-packed training mode will be with the types of people that just get in the way. I’m talking about the people sitting on their phones the whole time looking up the combos, or the people spending half their time just taking screenshots for Instagram.

Then there’s those guys that only practice one thing. Maybe it’s nothing but movement for an hour or maybe it’s some hyper specific combo that will never work in a real match. Whatever it is, they’re sure to hog that section for an extended period of time. God forbid you want a turn on the record function. You’ll surely be waiting for hours.

Finally when the new year’s resolutioners are all done, you know they’re not going to wipe the settings or put them back to their default place. Is it too much to ask to learn some basic training mode etiquette before coming out to practice? Maybe we really do need some better tutorials.

It’s probably best to just take a break from fighting games this month to avoid all the overcrowding and the stress. Instead this time could be used to work on a new year’s resolution of my own. After all, I hear it’s a great time of year to sign up for a gym membership.