Battle For The Grid Credits You as QA Tester

San Francisco, CA – Yesterday Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid officially launched on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The game features fast paced fighting game play and an innovative new approach to quality assurance: crediting the players as the game’s official QA testers.

“We’re confident in our new testing solution,” said nWay director Paul Schrier. “Why spend unnecessary money on hiring QA testers, when the players will do the same thing for free?”

Despite the new approach, nWay games seems to be running into a few hiccups, with the game at launch having bugs with blocking, infinite combos, and virtually unplayable online.

“Who the hell was testing this game?” asked many players on social media yesterday, unaware that they were the officially credited QA testers for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid.

“I uploaded some videos of various glitches and the game locking up entirely,” said avid gamer and apparent new QA tester, Aaron Grimes. “I knew something was up when nWay games responded to my posts by asking me to open up a bug ticket with reproduction steps. What?”

“I’ve always heard from industry veterans that you don’t choose to be a game tester, it chooses you,” said another player and tester, Alex Barton. “Now I know what they meant.”

Battle for the grid is currently earning middling reviews, with many citing the large quantity of bugs as its biggest flaw. nWay games has responded by announcing a patch in progress to fix these issues.

“We will be releasing a patch soon to address the several game-breaking bugs and we sincerely apologize for the game launching in this state,” said lead developer Jason Narvy. “But to be fair, it’s kind of hard to fix bugs when your entire QA team doesn’t report a single one until the fucking launch day.”

The new patch is expected to release in the coming days, and will hopefully impress testers everywhere.