Responsible Player Starts EVO GoFundMe Early This Year

Detroit, MI – Every year players from around the world gather to compete at EVO, the world’s largest fighting game tournament. In past years, many people created GoFundMe campaigns to try and raise money for the trip less than two weeks before the event took place. These attempts have been widely criticized for a variety of reasons. That’s why local player Nathan Harris is doing the responsible thing this year by creating his GoFundMe campaign early.

“Last year I got a lot of flak for creating a GoFundMe campaign the week before EVO,” admitted Harris, who is also known in the community as 2MuchBread. “People called me a bum. They said I was lazy, irresponsible, and an embarrassment. It was pretty tough to hear but eventually I realized that they were right. So this year I’m going to do things the right way by creating my EVO GoFundMe campaign 3 months ahead of time.”

“There’s no excuse to be asking strangers for vacation money during the week of the event,” Harris continued. “Especially when we know the details of EVO several months in advance. Asking for $900 to spend on a luxurious trip can be difficult to do in a week. But if you plan ahead like an adult, and crowdfund for 15 weeks then you only need to raise $60 a week. It’s really just basic budgeting.”

“I urge everyone to get their act together, have some self respect, and start your GoFundMe page early to ensure your trip to EVO gets funded,” said Harris. “This is especially important lately because of how much harder it is to get noticed on GoFundMe. Unfortunately the site has become flooded with frivolous campaigns to raise money for disaster relief, funeral costs, and medical emergencies. With a smaller cut of exposure your campaign can definitely fail. Then you would be stuck having to miss EVO entirely, or even worse, paying for it yourself.”