Confused Man Wondering Why Everyone Talking About Injustice: Gods Among Us

Omaha, NE – After several confusing months, local man Steve Clay is still struggling to figure out why everyone on social media seems to be talking about Injustice: Gods Among Us.

“Everywhere I look it’s been nothing but talk about Injustice: Gods Among Us,” explained Clay. “Somehow the game has become more popular than ever and even people who don’t normally play fighting games can’t seem to get enough of it.”

“I know that it’s a solid game,” said Clay. “But I just don’t understand how a game from several years ago can suddenly take off so drastically like this. Back when the game was newer, most people quit after a few online matches against characters like Batgirl, Aquaman, or Deathstroke.”

“I’m also confused about all these constant accusations regarding who is ‘sus’ or ‘an imposter’ since somehow nobody is even the least bit suspicious of Superman,” added Clay. “Did any of these people even bother to play the story mode?”

“I’ve also noticed that these new players are especially interested with the stage interactables like the reactor on Insurgency or the roof vent on Metropolis,” commented Clay. “At least it’s nice to see players pay more attention to this often overlooked mechanic while the game is back in the spotlight.”

“But still I just don’t get it,” concluded Clay. “How has this old game become so popular now? Why aren’t people getting tired of it either? And who are these astronauts that everyone keeps posting pictures of when talking about the game? I’m afraid I’ll probably just have to start playing again so I can finally figure out what all the hype is about.”

At press time Clay had just redownloaded Injustice: Gods Among Us but was having trouble joining his friend’s lobby.