Top Player Turns Down $0 Sponsorship Deal

Los Angeles, CA – Today top Granblue Fantasy Versus player and long-time free agent Kyle “CallinDaSh0tZ” Navarro confirmed on social media that he recently turned down a $0 sponsorship deal.

“Recently I received an incredible offer,” announced Navarro in a statement earlier today. “The sponsorship included many perks like more exposure, the privilege to represent a virtually unknown brand, and a total compensation package of $0. And while all that sounds great, I’ve ultimately made the decision to move forward as a free agent for the time being.”

A recent study from The Arc University’s center of eSports found that the median sponsorship in the fighting game community paid exactly $0. With that in mind, many found this offer to be fairly competitive. However, experts have pointed out that top players sometimes try to hold out for more like a free team T-Shirt, a 24-pack of Redbull, or financial help with attending tournaments.

Still, without any further details from Navarro, the exact reason for declining this sponsorship is left up to speculation. While some argue that there could have been a clash between the player and brand’s values, others believe that this offer fell through because Navarro actually read the contract.

Photo Credit: Alex Carmichael