NASA Warns to Not Look Directly at Twitch Chat

Merritt Island, FL – NASA officials met today to issue a public statement on the risks of looking directly at a stream chat. These statements are to address an increase in stream chat related eyesight injuries across the nation.

“Under no circumstances should anyone look directly into the chat on a stream without taking the necessary precautions,” said NASA representative Carol Williams at the conference earlier today.

“Staring at one of these stream chats unfiltered for any amount of time is incredibly dangerous. It’s even more hazardous to the eyes than viewing a Justin Wong tier list. So we urge everyone to be as careful as possible in order to avoid retinal burns and other forms of permanent eye damage when viewing the stream chat on Twitch.”

Several tips to follow were issued if you’re trying to see the stream chat safely.

“The most important thing is to only use authentic Twitch viewing safety glasses,” Williams continued. “Home-made glasses, ordinary sunglasses, or those weird yellow-tinted glasses just aren’t powerful enough to block the hazardous effects of viewing a typical Twitch chat.”

The statement also made sure to address a lot of common myths when it comes to viewing Twitch streams safely.

“A lot of people wrongly think that lowering the brightness on their monitors or putting Twitch into dark mode are enough to keep themselves safe, but in reality these do little to negate the lasting and devastating effects of staring directly at the text conversations that accompany a Twitch stream,” Williams was quick to remind us. “Even having Twitch Prime will do nothing to protect your eyes from the irreparable damage that looking directly at too many Kappa emotes can do.”

“We strongly urge everyone without official Twitch safety glasses to keep your eyes on the stream itself at all times. If possible, we highly recommend just closing the stream chat entirely.” Williams said while wrapping up the talk. “When in doubt just close Twitch, and maybe watch something safer instead like the sun.”