Backpedaling Capcom Launches SFV Community License Design Contest

San Francisco, CA – In response to the backlash regarding the recent announcement of their Street Fighter V Community License Agreement, Capcom has decided to address the various criticisms by launching an official Community License Design Contest.

“We’ve read your concerns about the initial Street Fighter V Community License Agreement,” said Steven Hale, Head of Community Design Contests at Capcom. “Thanks to this invaluable feedback, we’ve devised a new contest to give our talented fans the opportunity to draft their own license agreements and submit them for a chance to win. This will allow us to get back to doing what we do best: listening to the community.”

Capcom has already opened submissions, stating that entries should be no shorter than 100 stipulations and 2,000 words. They also stated that ideal license agreements will still guarantee various content rights to Capcom, cap prize and sponsorship money at relatively low amounts, and also include some arbitrary rules about spectators just to remind everyone who’s really in charge here.

“The winning entry will be determined through an internal panel of judges at Capcom,” explained Hale. “We will then announce a winner who will receive a free premium eSports license for one tournament. However, in the event that none of the entries are found to be sufficient, we will instead continue to use our current agreement with possible minor adjustments.”

“Remember that just like Community License Agreement itself, the goal of this contest is to make everyone’s lives easier,” concluded Hale. “Together we can reach new heights with Street Fighter V so don’t hesitate to enter. Submissions are due in 48 hours.”

Shortly after the announcement, Hale stated that he will not be answering questions until tomorrow since it was starting to get kind of late.