KOF Player Unveils His 100th New Main Team

San Diego, CA – Following a seemingly never-ending character crisis, local King of Fighters XV player Raul “RaulKOF” Perez debuted his 100th newest main team at a local tournament tonight according to numerous unconvinced attendees.

“My old team was holding me back so I’ve finally found the perfect replacement,” said Perez who played his previous team for approximately 2 days. “With my new main team of Isla, Ralf, and Chris, I’ll finally be able to play at my best. So I’m really excited to get some games in today because nobody is ready for my Chris.”

“I tried a lot of characters but this is the team I’m definitely sticking with,” added Perez. “I tried King of Dinosaurs, but it turns out grapplers aren’t really my style. Something about Kukri just didn’t vibe with me either. I also gave Terry a shot, but he was just way too hard to play. But now the struggle is over because I’ve finally found my perfect main team.”

Other attendees seemed skeptical about the longevity of this new main team.

“Here we go again,” said Lea Cole who is a regular at local tournaments. “Every time he plays he’s hyping up his latest main team like he’s not going to have another new one by the next event. At this point he might as well main the random select.”

While Perez remains confident that he’s finally settled on a team, several other attendees said they expect him to switch again either when the next DLC comes out or tomorrow.