GameStop To Aid Covid-19 Relief By Buying, Selling Used Toilet Paper

Grapevine, TX – As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the nation, many nonessential businesses have had to close. Despite this, GameStop declared earlier today that all US locations would stay open during the crisis. The statement clarified that Gamestop is more essential than ever due to their newly expanded trade-in system to buy and sell vital products such as pre-owned bottled water and toilet paper.

“GameStop is staying open during this lock down in order to do everything we can to help gamers in this time of need,” read the statement issued earlier today. “So we’ve decided to start buying and selling used toilet paper in our world class trade-in system.”

The new trade-in deal would allow gamers who accidentally bought too much toilet paper to trade in rolls in exchange for a generous 5% of their value in store credit. That way gamers could save money in this difficult time on exciting new games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Granblue Fantasy: Versus. As per Gamestop’s standard rules on trade-ins the items cannot clearly be in new condition or still in the original packaging, as not to promote theft.

As a relief effort, GameStop will then be selling the traded in items at discount prices to gamers in need. “We saw that irresponsible companies have tried to price gauge these types of products that are crucial in an unparalleled crisis like the one we now face. We will instead be reselling important used items such as toilet paper at an incredible 5% discount from the standard new price.”

While toilet paper is the main item that the new trade-in deal includes, other items like bottled water and facial tissue are also included. Unsurprisingly, the gaming retail giant will not accept trade-ins on hand sanitizer as GameStop claims that true gamers don’t use hand sanitizer.

At press time GameStop additionally announced that they will also be taking pre-orders on the COVID-19 Vaccine, warning that copies are sure to be in short supply on launch.