Capcom Eager to Let Fans Work on Anything Besides Netcode

JAPAN – Following today’s announcement that Street Fighter V will receive a fifth season featuring 5 new characters and 3 new stages, Capcom also announced an exciting costume design contest, offering fans a chance to design a brand new DLC costume for the game.

“Street Fighter V is all about creativity,” explained Capcom representative Janelle Howell. “So when we noticed our fans posting ideas for costumes, characters, and stages all over social media, we got the idea to hold an official contest to make these dreams a reality. After all, we really appreciate that the fans want to contribute to the continued success of Street Fighter V, as long as they aren’t working to improve the game’s netcode.”

“Entering the contest is simple,” continued Howell about the exciting new event. “All you need to do is send us your submission in the form of a JPG or PNG file, and not in the form of modified DLL files that correctly patch the game’s netcode issues, and you’re good to go. From there our expert judges will pick the best two and ultimately a fan vote will decide the winner.”

“The submission could be nearly anything,” elaborated Howell. “Our process is very open-ended, and we want fans to be able to design their content however they want. We just ask that they don’t try to fix the netcode as it’s a complex and difficult problem. I mean if our engineers couldn’t figure it out with the source code, then the chances of one of our players fixing it with only the binaries is so low that it isn’t really worth trying.”

The official contest will be accepting submissions all the way up until late July, so those who are interested have plenty of time to design the best costume possible. Many are excited to see the entries, and if the contest is as big of a success as it seems like it will be, Capcom has already said that they will consider letting fans help with future balance changes.