SFV Patch Fixes Infamous “Working Netcode” Hack

Japan – Hours ago, Capcom released the latest update to Street Fighter V through an official patch. The sole aim of this update is to block a widespread hack used by nefarious players to make the netcode playable. Luckily, it seems that things are back to normal and the online experience has been restored to its formerly defective glory, many excited online Ken players confirmed.

The infamous “Working Netcode” hack surfaced roughly a month ago. Since then some unscrupulous players have been using this patch to terrorize online with reasonably stable matches. However, once again Capcom has listened to the fans and delivered exactly what the community at large wants with this remarkable new update, disabling the malicious hack that unmistakably improves the online experience.

The changes can all be found in the patch notes listed on the official Street Fighter V website.

“Netcode: Fixed an unauthorized hack designed to destabilize the online with functioning, fluid matches,” the official patch notes read. “Note: We will continue to stay vigilant against prohibited third party improvements and first party rootkits. If anyone is going to fix the game’s netcode, it’s either going to be us or nobody. We hope you continue to enjoy playing Street Fighter V.”