New Fighting Game Aims to Simplify Everything Besides Online Play

Japan – Recently we received more info about the highly anticipated new Guilty Gear from a statement released by the development team. It confirmed that the newest game is a reconstruction of the series with a big focus on making everything, aside from online play, more accessible.

The new game aims to make things enjoyable for players of all skill levels. It was clear that some of the classic inputs, mechanics, and move sets were a bit too difficult, so a lot of work is being done to make things more streamlined. But at the same time, long-time fans will be happy to hear that some of the challenging aspects will still be left intact, like the online modes which will surely be outdated and inadequate.

While some things will be different, the newest installment is still aiming to capture the essence of fighting games with interesting characters, satisfying combos, and online modes that are barely functional. This time it’s going to be much easier to land those awesome combos on your friends, but just as hard to invite them to your lobby to do so. That is, if the game even launches with lobbies.

It’s important to remember that things are still in development, so there aren’t a lot of specific details yet. Many other modern fighters have gone down this same route of accessibility by removing complicated inputs and including an auto-combo, but also by stubbornly sticking to a shoddy delay based net-code, neglecting basic features like a rematch button, or creating a cumbersome hub world to navigate the online modes.

While details are sparse for now, we look forward to what exactly these changes turn out to be. Regardless, the simplified game play will undoubtedly pull new players into the series just briefly enough for the surely mediocre net-play to push them back out.